Telecom Services

Discover top-tier telecom engineering services, spanning on-premises, public clouds, and beyond, meticulously crafted for your success with our esteemed partners!

Telecom Value Added Services (VAS)

With CJIES you can enhance your telecom experience with innovative features beyond standard voice calls and messaging, adding extra value and convenience to your mobile service.

Fiber Optics Work

With CJIES expertise you can experience ultra-fast and reliable internet connectivity with cutting-edge fiber optic technology, delivering unparalleled speed and performance.

Civil Work / Telecom Tower / Pole Erection

CJIES can help with Civil Work, Telecom Tower, and Pole Erection, ensuring seamless infrastructure setup for robust telecommunications networks.

Telecom Power System

CJIES ensures reliable Telecom Power Systems for uninterrupted operations, keeping your telecommunications infrastructure powered efficiently.

System Design &


CJIES can help streamline your business with expert System Design & Development services, tailored to meet your unique needs and propel your success.

Android Development

iOS Development

Cloud Integrations

Telecom Integrations

Enterprise Solutions

Digital Marketing

Telecom VAS

CJ provides startups, businesses, enterprises with a cloud integration service to fast-track security, DevOps, compute engines, and app deployments.


Infrastructure Enterprise Solutions

We design and implement robust network infrastructures tailored to diverse organizational needs, offering services such as:

  1. WAN & LAN Installation and Configuration
  2. Sub-netting and WAN Routing
  3. - Wireless Installation
  4. Network Management
  5. Business Continuity Solutions
  6. Video Conferencing Solutions
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  8. Barcode Scanners and POS Systems

Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) and Power Systems

Telecom Value Added Services (VAS)

1. Airtime Lending Services (ALS)

2. Ring back Tones (RBT)

3. Content Aggregation & Curation

4. Premium Rate Services (PRS)

5. Data Bundles and Packages

6. International Roaming Services

7. Value-Added Content Subscriptions

8. Personalized Offers and Rewards

System Design & Development

We provide robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure solutions, including:

  1. System Integration
  2. Database Design & Integration
  3. Cloud Development
  4. Machine Learning implementation
  5. Azure CDN for enhanced content delivery
  6. Notification Hubs for real-time communication
  7. Data Protection and Cybersecurity
  8. Multi-Factor Authentication for added security.

Fiber Optics Work

  1. - Direct Buried Cable Installation
  2. - Aerial Cable Installation
  3. - Duct Cable Installation

Civil Work / Telecom

Tower / Pole Erection

  1. Site Survey and Design
  2. Equipment Delivery and Installation
  3. Tower Erection for optimal coverage
  4. Construction and installation of telecom towers and poles for network expansion.

Telecom Power Systems

  1. - Diesel Generators (with integrated and separate fuel tanks)
  2. - Solar Power Systems (PV)
  3. - Hybrid Power Systems (combining multiple power sources for optimal efficiency)

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